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d.i.i. – WE ARE

As a leading firm specializing in residential real estate in Germany, d.i.i. is a high-return, solid partner for profitable investments.

d.i.i. Deutsche Invest Immobilien GmbH was founded in 2006 with the goal of investing in the German residential real estate market to generate value. This owner-operated firm has risen to become a leader in residential real estate in Germany, operating across the entire value chain. From property purchases to financing, property development and management to selling real estate, you can turn to d.i.i. for a full range of successful residential real estate services, all from a single source. The company acts as a strong asset manager for tenants, buyers, and investors.

The d.i.i. group expanded its portfolio starting in 2015, investing in new construction projects, urban infill potential that is ready for development, and vacant plots of land. Targeted purchases of land and properties with infill potential have added to d.i.i.’s value chain. Because all processes relating to project development are pooled together at d.i.i., the firm is able to realize solutions fast and at low cost, passing the savings along to its investors, buyers, and tenants.

In terms of legal form, d.i.i. is a German limited liability company. It is based in Wiesbaden and has about 160 employees. The firm also works with a network of real estate offices.


The Zaeske architecture firm is at home in Wiesbaden, where it has been creating what it calls ›space for people‹ in the capital of the state of Hesse for over 50 years now. This longstanding firm is devoted to superior architecture that serves its users and adds to the built environment.

The Viktoria Viertel is another successful move by Zaeske, carefully and harmoniously integrating a fine development with just 84 units into the historic east of the city, with its streetscape dominated by villas.